Wooden Signs

We make wooden signs in a wide range of timbers.
For more information visit our main website www.sign-maker.net

Click here for more images of wooden signs

At The Sign Maker, wooden signs are a speciality. We make everything from small house signs to large estate signage.

As with all our signs you have a huge amount of fonts to choose from, along with thousands of images.

You also have a choice of timbers. Oak is very beautiful and will last a lifetime if you look after it. More forgiving is Iroko which is full of oil and can be left untreated. If you prefer a red timber, sapele is ideal, similar to mahogany with a deep rich colour.

For large signs oak is the most popular. We also supply posts made in any size in both softwood and oak. Another excellent timber for large signs is red cedar. It is a lovely timber which, if left untreated, matures to a silver grey colour which is very attractive indeed.

Call us if you need advice. We aim to make your sign, just the way you want it.

For more information visit our main website www.sign-maker.net

Or buy online now – www.sign-maker.co-uk



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