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Personalised Blackboards and Whiteboards

whiteboard and black board
Blackboard or Whiteboard Gifts

Need a family organiser? We just love this idea we found on Pinterest (left image). We can apply permanent vinyl for the grid layout and days of the week and then leave the rest to you!


Or you can personalise your whiteboard or blackboard with either a laser engraved message on the frame or we can apply vinyl lettering to the board.


The blackboards and whiteboards made on aluminium composite can be left outside all the time. You will just need to re-oil the oak every few months.   The blackboards made using moisture resistant MDF can withstand the odd shower but should not be left outdoors permanently.


The following dry-wipe pens have been tested and do not leave leaving any trace of ink on the surface when cleaned. -Staedlter, Pilot, Nobo, 5 star office and Universal Office Supplies range.


Email us today for your quote –


Stone House Signs – Introducing Granite


Black Granite

Granite House Signs are maintenance free and durable in frost and heat. The lettering is engraved or sandblasted into the stone and then we paint the letters. You can choose your letter style from hundreds of fonts. The letter colour does not have to be white, we have a big range of colours.

Dark Grey Granite House Sign

Dark Grey Granite

Granite is a fine coarse-grained crystalline igneous rock with so many different colour formations! All our granite signs have a polished finish and are approx 10 or 15mm thick.  We do offer 20mm 30mm and 50mm thicknesses also in Kerala Green, Classic Dark Grey, Black, Celtic and Bahama Blue.

The black, Celtic grey, classic dark grey, Kerula Green and Bahama Blue granites can be cut to sizes up to 600mm x 400mm. The rest in sizes up to 295mm x 600mm.



We can include images on our House signs. Choose bold images – it is not possible to sand-blast very fine lines. People often opt for a Decorative Border or Decorative Corners

We also a range of Granite Boulders- Click Here


If after reading this you know the colour and decoration you want on your sign,

Click here to order!

Cast Zinc House Signs


These metal house signs and door nameplates are made from zinc plate, which is strong, tough and does not rust or tarnish. The background is etched away leaving the lettering, numbers, border and images raised.

The background can be painted any colour you want and we can add some extra colour to the images as well. Your image could be a military badge, football team emblem, favourite animal.

Most simple images can be used but they are best without tones or shading. Line drawings can also be used. You can use also most of the fonts – just avoid those with very fine lines.

Hanging House or Business Signs


This Hanging House Sign is made out of painted framed Accoya and Tricoya. Both long lasting and durable.

The inner panel of the house sign is made from Tricoya board. This is a wood-based board made using a high-performance resin. The outer frame and inner panel are spray painted using is a two-component polyurethane paint which is much more durable than standard brush-on paints. It is not only much tougher and longer lasting but is also more resilient to chemicals.

Add an image or chose a unique font. The possibilities are endless!

Order yours now and don’t forget to add a bracket or post if you need one!

We offer a huge range of brackets for your hanging / freestanding sign.

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Rustic Slate

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These rustic edge slate house signs are excellent value for money.

They are made from 6-8mm slate with a rough edge finish. The letters are carved into the slate by sandblasting and then painted with a very tough and durable external paint.


The letters can be painted in the following colours ;



As these are a lighter weight slate sign, the easiest way to fix it is with an exterior tile adhesive. However, if you prefer we will drill holes in the slate.





We can include a simple image on the Slate sign. It is essential to choose a bold image as it is impossible to sandblast very fine lines. We have a huge range of images for you to chose from.


Heart Shaped Memorials

Heart Shaped Granite Memorial
Heart Shaped Granite Memorial- Available in black granite or celtic grey granite. Lettering is carved into the granite.

We offer many different materials for our Heart shaped Memorials.
There are a number of standard sizes for your memorial but as always, we can make them just the way you want them. They can all be made with fixing holes and metal stakes can also be attached.



corian love heart


Heart Shaped Corian Memorials
This memorial is Frostproof, UV resistant and maintenance free!



Heart shaped Wooden Memorials

Heart shaped Wooden Memorials

With our Heart shaped Wooden Memorials the wording and images are engraved into the wood using our latest laser technology. These are great for Woodland Burials.


Heart shaped Cast Bronze Memorials and Heart shaped Cast Aluminium

Heart shaped Cast Bronze Memorials

Heart shaped Cast Bronze Memorials

Heart shaped Cast Aluminium

Heart shaped Cast Aluminium









Cast Bronze and Aluminium Memorials can be mounted on stakes or mounted on walls. The background can be a variety of colours.







Christmas Early bird discount!


As much as some of us might like to bury our heads, Christmas is coming!

We decided this year to try and get peoples attention before it is too late to order your House Sign or Wheel Cover or Engraved gift for Christmas.

We are offering an Early Bird Christmas discount for all orders ordered before the 17th of November. It is a massive 15% discount!

Use discount code EARLY-BIRD on the shopping cart or quote it over the phone.

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Includes our whole range- Wooden House Signs, Rustic House Signs, Stone House Signs, Wheelcovers and Engraved gifts!

Saftey Signage – Health and Safety


We now sell a huge range of safety signs and health & safety signage. They can be made in rigid plastic or self adhesive vinyl, standard or photo-luminescent along with brass & aluminium.

All safety signs are manufactured and supplied to BS EN ISO 7010:2012 designs, wherever it is possible. Also available is an excellent range of safety posters & equipment.


We also have an excellent catalogue of all the safety signs. If you would like a copy, just give us a call or email

Everyone meet Austin

Everyone meet Austin, he is Poppy and Kate’s foal who was born during the summer. Bit of a different post, and not anything to do with signs but because he and his mum both live at The Sign Maker we couldn’t help but share some adorable photos of them (may be slightly bias as I am Poppy). This cheeky chap is a home breed foal out of our mare Diamond Quickstep and from a stallion situated only up the road from us at Vaulter Hill Stud, his name is Urkel. This makes him an Irish Sports Horse crossed with a Holsteiner Warmblood. Below is a few pictures from when he was very first turned out, he was so small here!



But it has not taken long before he has shot up, here is some photos of how big he is now.

Austin is now halter trained, enjoying his grooming session and is learning to be patient with having his feet picked up. It is important for him to get this training in now while he is much smaller so that he well be well mannered when he is bigger. Austin’s mum is an Irish sports horse who we had brought over from the Goresbridge sales in Ireland. When she arrived she was extremely head shy, underdeveloped and skittish, but since being with us she has filled out beautifully and now is a much calmer horse with virtually no issue with being head shy. She was a maiden mare when she had Austin, and although a little shocked after he was first born, she has made an amazing mum.

If you want to check out Vaulter Hill Stud just follow the link:

Shaped Wooden Signs

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Shaped wooden house signs and business signs are unique and beautiful!


We can make wood any size or shape. With our dedicated Carpenter and his apprentice in tow, nothing is impossible!

The most popular shape for Wooden House Signs is Oval and Round.
Heart shaped wood is used more for memorials or personal house signs like shed signs.


Archtop and other shaped wooden Signs tend to be used for Entrance signs to Farms or Businesses. Some of our entrance sign customers ask for a beautiful curved wooden support. We think this looks lovely!


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