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Thank you – Memorial



I would wish to thank you for the plaque provided. It looked terrific and is obviously well made. I have mounted the item on a gate post and it really looks the part.

Also I would thank you for the mounting screws with head covered as per the plaque background so that they matched. A very nice bonus which is appreciated.

All in all, well done, a smashing job and a fitting memorial to me Aunt.

Thank you again.

Best wishes



This was done in Cast Bronze. If you would like a quote please contact us!


What is snow?


Snow occurs when water vapours in the air freeze before they can turn into water. This happens when the temperature in the clouds is very cold. Snowflakes are made up of crystals of ice that have formed around bits of dirt in the air.



The snowflakes start out very small and grow. Each snowflake is different and might contain up to 200 crystals!!

It is a myth that it needs to be below zero to snow. In fact, in this country, the heaviest snowfalls tend to occur when the air temperature is between zero and 2 °C!!


Check out this video for more information!


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Wooden Headstone



Treated with painted letters

We make our wooden headstones from a timber called Balau. It is full of its own oil and is as heavy as stone. It is more rot proof than any other timber we have.


The headstone itself is mortised into the heavy base so it becomes free standing. If required we can insert a full-colour porcelain plaque to include a photo.



You can leave the timber untreated or to keep it looking its best rub over with Danish oil every couple of months.

We aim to make your wooden headstone just the way you want it – Just tell us what you want included to make it perfect for you!

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Wooden Finger Posts

Need a wooden directional signpost? An arrow-shaped wood sign?

Our carpenters will make the wooden finger posts to your requirements. We offer hardwoods Oak or Iroko. You can even have them painted!

The fingers are normally 100mm or 150mm high. The length is 600mm, 50mm of which is mortised into the post. The lettering is carved into both sides of the finger and painted. You choose the font.

For a more personalised fingerpost, your wording can be engraved into the post too!

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Maintenance free Memorials


Corian is a modern material with a cold stone like finish. Stainless Steel is a brushed silver metal.


Corian is perfect for memorial plaques in that it is very durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. It comes in a variety of colours.

Stainless Steel plaques have a major advantage – the lettering can be smaller and the images and logos can also be far more detailed. Even good quality photos can be used.


Add a Stainless Steel plaque to a Corian backing and you have a lovely framed memorial perfect for your loved one that is maintenance free!

You can also add a stake so it can be freestanding!


The Sign Maker Memorials 

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We love wood! Rustic Signs!


As its valentines day, we feel the need to share our love for wooden house signs. They are traditional and yet modern. They are rustic and yet perfect! Need we say more?

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Do you have a man shed that needs a sign? Do you have a pub at the bottom of your garden that needs a hanging sign? We can offer Brackets, Fixings and even a Rustic slice!


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Modern yet Traditional Cast Signs?!


These Cast Signs are cast in one piece using a very high-quality polyurethane.


Polyurethane is an extremely tough hard wearing material. Perfect for House Signs! It has a distinct advantage over traditional cast metal in that the lettering is crisper and the motifs, logos and crests can be much more intricate.



Cast Signs can be made to almost any size, but to keep costs down we have a selection of standard sizes and shapes. Motifs, crests and logos can be cast or just painted onto the flat plate of the sign.


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Cast Bronze House Signs

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Traditional Cast Bronze is a timeless material for House Signs, Classic Information Plaques and Grave Markers.


The background of the bronze sign can be left natural or painted black, blue, green or brown. Other colours are available @ £60. The plaques can be fixed with screw holes, rear studs or ground stakes.

Each casting is a unique piece in its own right. Craftsmen use traditional methods for casting the bronze plaques and ensure that every handmade sign or plaque leaving the foundry is perfect.


If you need any more information on Cast Bronze House Signs either contact us or go to our information page