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Beautiful House Signs, Memorial Plaques & Business Signage.

Acrylic Laminate Signs


These signs are ideal for house names, Business signs and Name plates. They are very durable – made from 2 ply 3mm exterior grade acrylic which is weather proof and UV resistant.


The letters are engraved through the first layer of laminate to show the colour underneath.

Signs are available in the following colours

Gold Surface / Black Letters Silver Surface / Black Letters Black Surface / White Letters
Blue Surface / White Letters Cream Surface / Brown Letters White Surface / Black Letters
White Surface / Blue Letters Yellow Surface / Black Letters White Surface / Red Letters
Red Surface / White Letters Bright Green Surface / White Letters Teal Green Surface / White Letters

The Sign Maker,  Signs made jut the way you want them.


Cast Bronze Memorial Plaques

Cast Bronze Memorial Mounted on Black Granite Wedge
Cast Bronze Memorial Mounted on Black Granite Wedge


Our Cast Bronze memorial plaques are traditionally made in a foundry. These memorials are handmade by true craftsmen – each one is absolutely unique. We can include your own fonts and images if required.

Bronze memorials are very long lasting and require very little maintenance.

We can also mount them on crosses or stakes so they are freestanding.

Contact us today for your quote – 01769 561355


The Sign Maker ‘Made just the way you want it’

Painted Wooden Signs


Painted Oak Business and House Signs Painted

Oak signs are very traditional, but with the use of a modern font, their clean cut style would look very smart in any contemporary environment. They can be single sided house signs or doubled sided hanging signs.

Although it is difficult to see in the photos, the beautiful grain of the oak does remain visible beneath the paint.

The paint we use is a two component polyurethane paint which is much more durable than standard brush on paints. It is not only much tougher and longer lasting, but is also more resilient to chemicals.

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Granite Memorial Slab


This is our Silver Grey Granite memorial wedge with sandblasted border and gold lettering.

We have two colours available for our granite wedges.

Need the Memorial Wedge for your burial site to be a little taller, bigger or smaller? No problem, we offer many shapes and sizes.

The Sign Maker – We make memorials the way you want them



New Entrance Sign

These new entrance signs are becoming more and more popular, heres another one we did recently. This particular sign has been made using the beautiful, hard and durable oak, it has then been painted using one of our Farrow & Ball stock colours (Hague Blue) and had the addition of Gothic tops to the top of the posts.


Here at The Sign Maker we offer a wide selection of different options in order to make your sign truly bespoke and unique to you. We have large range of stock colours, including the popular Farrow & Ball colours. However if none of our current colours work for you then for a charge we can colour match to any Farrow & Ball colour. Click the link at the bottom of the page below to see our full range of stock colours

Additionally we give you a wide selection of both fonts and images (links are below), but if none of these suit you then send us in your artwork at the highest quality you can and we can see what we can do to include it on your sign.

Finally a stunning addition to these particular entrance signs is the different post tops you can have. Choose from standard post tops, rounded post tops, a post cap or gothic tops.

If you would like some more information or would like us to give you a quote please call us on 01769561355 or email us at

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Entrance Signs –

We got Chickens!

Here at The Sign Maker we have had one solitary chicken for a long period of time called Esmeralda, however a couple of weeks ago Esmeralda got herself a  bunch of new friends in the form of ex battery hens.IMG_1175

Laura Price another member of the team and the family saw an advert to save ex battery hens from being slaughtered. So off Laura went and collected a dozen of very sad and in poor condition chickens.

Since then we have brought them back and had them shut in their pen in the orchard for a week to let them settle in their new home.

As you can see from the pictures they are looking very rough, they are all lacking feathers and their eggs are of very low quality. However they are already enjoying life with more space so I do not think it will be long before we see great improvements in their condition and start enjoying some yummy eggs. In a few days we are going to release them into the whole orchard during the day (more space than they have ever seen!) and we will update you when we do.IMG_1174

If you are interested in getting some ex battery hens, most places across the country will advertise that they are about to renew their stock, and usually only ask for a donation towards them. So you get very cheap eggs and get to save some chickens. #caringforourcountryside


Wooden Framed Signs


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Just Look at these gorgeous Wooden Framed Signs. Using Hardwood for the frame, these are durable and professional.


Add a Lighting unit to really make your Sign stand out and be visible in the dark. LED or Fluorescent options available.

With a wide range of brackets to choose from and expert advice. Come to us for your Framed hanging House Sign or Business Sign


Painted Oak Signs

Get your painted Oak Signs here at The Sign Maker.

We offer a variety of colours and sizes.

Order your Single Sided Sign.

Need a Sign double sided with a post? No problem.
Would you like a Bracket instead of a wooden hanging arm? We can help!

Order your Double sided sign & post.