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Wooden Finger Posts

Need a wooden directional signpost? An arrow-shaped wood sign?

Our carpenters will make the wooden finger posts to your requirements. We offer hardwoods Oak or Iroko. You can even have them painted!

The fingers are normally 100mm or 150mm high. The length is 600mm, 50mm of which is mortised into the post. The lettering is carved into both sides of the finger and painted. You choose the font.

For a more personalised fingerpost, your wording can be engraved into the post too!

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We love wood! Rustic Signs!


As its valentines day, we feel the need to share our love for wooden house signs. They are traditional and yet modern. They are rustic and yet perfect! Need we say more?

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Do you have a man shed that needs a sign? Do you have a pub at the bottom of your garden that needs a hanging sign? We can offer Brackets, Fixings and even a Rustic slice!


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Wooden sign beveled finish

Just look at this Oak Sign with our new scalloped edge finish!

We have added a new finish to our wooden signs, this scalloped edge is perfect for any large Wooden Business signs or Farm Estate signs.

We finish all of our wooden signs as standard with rounded edges. But now you can add this finish to the options we offer to personalise your sign!

Other finishes we offer;


Standard finish – rounded edges

wooden signs


Backing board finish



45-degree finish

wooden sign with plaque


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Large Wooden Signs

At our workshops in Devon, we have a barn full of racks of timber in varying thickness and types. Here we create the wooden sign blanks and anything from small wooden house signs to massive wood business signage.

The most popular timber for wooden signs is Oak and in our opinion, it is the most beautiful timber. The timbers normally used for large signs are; Oak, Red Cedar, Iroko, Sapele or Douglas Fir.

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Wooden Oak Beach Sign

Wooden Oak Beach Sign with rope font

Wooden Oak Beach Sign with rope font

Here at The Sign Maker, we offer a huge variety of fonts. This one is just beautiful and fits a beach theme perfectly! We have the best designers who will help you find that perfect design for your Sign, whatever you need it for.

Oak is a heavy wood and is also strong and durable. If maintained well, it will last a lifetime. Oak is a very traditional wood with a beauty all of its own. With great texture and colour makes a perfect choice for any house sign.

We do offer other hardwoods and they all have their own unique look.

Shaped Wooden Signs

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Shaped wooden house signs and business signs are unique and beautiful!


We can make wood any size or shape. With our dedicated Carpenter and his apprentice in tow, nothing is impossible!

The most popular shape for Wooden House Signs is Oval and Round.
Heart shaped wood is used more for memorials or personal house signs like shed signs.


Archtop and other shaped wooden Signs tend to be used for Entrance signs to Farms or Businesses. Some of our entrance sign customers ask for a beautiful curved wooden support. We think this looks lovely!


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Personalised Wooden Signs


Need a Wooden Business Sign with a personal touch? Want to use your own image? Not a problem with us here at The Sign Maker.

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We can offer any image engraved into wood due to having a dedicated designer who can create your perfect plaque or sign just the way you want it.



Don’t have your own image and want to see our range of images?

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Best Buy from The Sign Maker

Why chose The Sign Maker for your sign?


When using The Sign Maker you can chose from thousands of fonts

The Sign Maker has loads of materials to chose from

We also have our own in house designers who can enable you to use your own image, so your sign is totally unique!

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