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‘See first’ Option on Facebook explained


Facebook is changing its algorithm to increase meaningful interactions between people you care about over content from pages.


This is great! Our newsfeed will not be full of those selling page’s rubbish! However, this will also include all of your liked and local Businesses! We need your support, so I am going to quickly show you how to continue to support your local businesses so they do not get lost in your newsfeed following facebooks recent update.

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Everyone meet Austin

Everyone meet Austin, he is Poppy and Kate’s foal who was born during the summer. Bit of a different post, and not anything to do with signs but because he and his mum both live at The Sign Maker we couldn’t help but share some adorable photos of them (may be slightly bias as I am Poppy). This cheeky chap is a home breed foal out of our mare Diamond Quickstep and from a stallion situated only up the road from us at Vaulter Hill Stud, his name is Urkel. This makes him an Irish Sports Horse crossed with a Holsteiner Warmblood. Below is a few pictures from when he was very first turned out, he was so small here!



But it has not taken long before he has shot up, here is some photos of how big he is now.

Austin is now halter trained, enjoying his grooming session and is learning to be patient with having his feet picked up. It is important for him to get this training in now while he is much smaller so that he well be well mannered when he is bigger. Austin’s mum is an Irish sports horse who we had brought over from the Goresbridge sales in Ireland. When she arrived she was extremely head shy, underdeveloped and skittish, but since being with us she has filled out beautifully and now is a much calmer horse with virtually no issue with being head shy. She was a maiden mare when she had Austin, and although a little shocked after he was first born, she has made an amazing mum.

If you want to check out Vaulter Hill Stud just follow the link:

The Deilephila elpenor!

The Deilephila elpenor is more commonly known as the Elephant Hawk moth, and here at The Sign Maker we found a caterpillar of the Elephant Hawk Moth a few weeks back and we couldn’t help but share it with you.


They are called the Elephant hawk moth as many say they look like the trunk of an elephant when they are still a caterpillar, in my opinion I think they look a bit like a snake! The elephant hawk moths turn into a beautiful red and green moth as shown in the photos below and they fly between June and September.



The Elephant hawk moth are very common within the UK, but even so are a very beautiful creature to find in your garden.

For more information on the Elephant hawk moths make sure you check out the Wildlife Insight website by following the link below:

Chicken Update

Well, where has the time gone! Here at The Sign Maker there has been so many things happening that we have forgot to update you on the progress of our wonderful chickens!

Since we last introduced you to them they have been out and roaming the orchard, it was a wonderful experience to let them out of their pen and let them experience more space then they have ever had access to before. Its safe to say they loved it. Now every morning they are let out and then in the evening they are called back into their pen to be shut away for safety. I would like to point out here that it was not quite as easy the first few times we tried to get them back in as this previous sentence may have implied. It may have involved a fair bit of us running around after chickens, I will leave that image with you for your amusement (your welcome). However, thanks to the giving of scraps our chickens have learnt that the big white bucket means yummy food and now all come running to their pen, far more sophisticated.


Not only have we noticed a massive improvement in their personalities, as they have gone from being shy creatures to friendly and inquisitive. But their physical condition has improved greatly, their feathers have begun to grow back and the colour of the yolks in their eggs have gone from a very ill pale to a bright yellow, nearly orange. So not only do we have happier chickens but we also have some very tasty eggs, a good win win all round.

New Entrance Sign

These new entrance signs are becoming more and more popular, heres another one we did recently. This particular sign has been made using the beautiful, hard and durable oak, it has then been painted using one of our Farrow & Ball stock colours (Hague Blue) and had the addition of Gothic tops to the top of the posts.


Here at The Sign Maker we offer a wide selection of different options in order to make your sign truly bespoke and unique to you. We have large range of stock colours, including the popular Farrow & Ball colours. However if none of our current colours work for you then for a charge we can colour match to any Farrow & Ball colour. Click the link at the bottom of the page below to see our full range of stock colours

Additionally we give you a wide selection of both fonts and images (links are below), but if none of these suit you then send us in your artwork at the highest quality you can and we can see what we can do to include it on your sign.

Finally a stunning addition to these particular entrance signs is the different post tops you can have. Choose from standard post tops, rounded post tops, a post cap or gothic tops.

If you would like some more information or would like us to give you a quote please call us on 01769561355 or email us at

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