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Slate Signs for Home and Business


At our workshops, we are able to cut slate to any size to create your slate sign just the way you want it. We have a good stock of slate in various thicknesses but can obtain extra large pieces of slate quite quickly.


Large Slate Signs are made with natural slate with smooth, but not highly polished surface. This shows the markings and grain of this lovely material – each piece is different.


The letter colours for slate signs are normally white. Black is also used as are silver and gold. For a more natural gentle colour, we use the Farrow & Ball colour Lichen. Another natural look is F&B Purbeck Stone which is a very light grey. We can match other F&B colours @ a cost of £55. We can also blast the background away leaving the letters raised and unpainted. When leaving letters raised we must use bold fonts without any fine line.

It is difficult to drill holes into slate as it requires plenty of water to keep the slate cool so we can drill the holes for you. Posts can be supplied if required. The slate sign below has been bolted to 4″x4″ oak posts. Extra support has been provided by the oak support rail. This is a very heavy sign which needed three men to move it! We can also include simple pictures. We have a selection or you can send in artwork – It must be a silhouette style image without any very fine lines or shades.


The Sign Maker can help you with any Slate or Stone enquiry. Just contact us for a quote or use our Self design tool!

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Slate Signs


This Slate Sign has been made using two colours. We used a drop shadow effect to make your House sign really stand out and even look 3D!

We use natural slate with a smooth, but not highly polished surface. This shows the markings and grain of the slate – each piece is different.



Look at the markings on this one – Beautiful!

The slate is cut onsite to any size you require. We can also polish both sides for double-sided slate signs. We can even get creative with your own image!


To order our 3D effect Slate Sign just the link below and in the font box put “Drop Shadow effect.” You can also download your own image when ordering online!

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Slate House Signs

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These Slate House signs look so different from the choices of colours and fonts. With so much choice, you can make your house sign look personalised and stand out with The Sign Maker.



The lettering is sandblasted into the stone. You can choose your letter style from hundreds of fonts. The letter colour does not have to be white. Black looks fantastic or for a more natural gentle effect, we have a pale green which looks lovely on the grey.


Slate house signs can also be created by blasting away the background leaving the letters slightly raised, known as raised and unpainted! The ones below are raised lettering with a painted background.
With so much choice, contact us today for your House Sign. For a limited time, locals get a 10% discount!

Stone House Signs – Introducing Granite


Black Granite

Granite House Signs are maintenance free and durable in frost and heat. The lettering is engraved or sandblasted into the stone and then we paint the letters. You can choose your letter style from hundreds of fonts. The letter colour does not have to be white, we have a big range of colours.

Dark Grey Granite House Sign

Dark Grey Granite

Granite is a fine coarse-grained crystalline igneous rock with so many different colour formations! All our granite signs have a polished finish and are approx 10 or 15mm thick.  We do offer 20mm 30mm and 50mm thicknesses also in Kerala Green, Classic Dark Grey, Black, Celtic and Bahama Blue.

The black, Celtic grey, classic dark grey, Kerula Green and Bahama Blue granites can be cut to sizes up to 600mm x 400mm. The rest in sizes up to 295mm x 600mm.



We can include images on our House signs. Choose bold images – it is not possible to sand-blast very fine lines. People often opt for a Decorative Border or Decorative Corners

We also a range of Granite Boulders- Click Here


If after reading this you know the colour and decoration you want on your sign,

Click here to order!

Rustic Slate

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These rustic edge slate house signs are excellent value for money.

They are made from 6-8mm slate with a rough edge finish. The letters are carved into the slate by sandblasting and then painted with a very tough and durable external paint.


The letters can be painted in the following colours ;



As these are a lighter weight slate sign, the easiest way to fix it is with an exterior tile adhesive. However, if you prefer we will drill holes in the slate.





We can include a simple image on the Slate sign. It is essential to choose a bold image as it is impossible to sandblast very fine lines. We have a huge range of images for you to chose from.


Rustic Slate House Names


Slate is a fantastic material for a house sign. Rustic Slate is a thinner Slate at 6-8mm thick so easier to mount.

These rustic edge slate house signs are excellent value for money. They are made with a rough edge finish. The letters are carved into the slate by sand blasting and then painted with a very tough and durable external paint.


The softer colours such as Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone or Lichen look very effective on this type of slate house sign.


The Sign Maker – Signs designed the way you want them

Rustic Slate Sign in Situ

From: Valerie Will <valerie_will@
Date: 22 June 2017 at 20:43
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I just wanted to say thank you for our new sign – it’s exactly what we wanted and is absolutely perfect. We’ve just been out to put it up on the handy telegraph pole at the end of our drive – and I’ve attached a photo so you can see how brilliant it looks in its new home.

Many thanks!


 photo sent to us bu customer.