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Business Signs – Finger Posts

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Get your Business Signage with us at The Sign Maker

We can offer you finger posts any colour, shape or size. With different variations of finials.

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Business Signs – Fibreglass

Fibreglass signs are maintenance free and durable.
Perfect for Business signs!

Fibreglass can be hung on a bracket, mounted on posts or screwed to a wall to advertise your Business.

Contact us today to get your quote for your bespoke, maintenance free Fibre glass Business sign.

Best Buy from The Sign Maker

Why chose The Sign Maker for your sign?


When using The Sign Maker you can chose from thousands of fonts

The Sign Maker has loads of materials to chose from

We also have our own in house designers who can enable you to use your own image, so your sign is totally unique!

Contact us today and let us design your own unique sign!


Mercy Ships Wheel Covers

We just made a batch of wheel covers for Mercy Ships and shipped them over to Holland. Mercy Ships is an international faith-based organisation with a mission to increase access to health care throughout the world. They do a great job! Here is their website –  For more details about our wheel covers –

Full coloured printed wheel covers.

Full coloured printed wheel covers.