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Maintenance free Memorials


Corian is a modern material with a cold stone like finish. Stainless Steel is a brushed silver metal.


Corian is perfect for memorial plaques in that it is very durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. It comes in a variety of colours.

Stainless Steel plaques have a major advantage – the lettering can be smaller and the images and logos can also be far more detailed. Even good quality photos can be used.


Add a Stainless Steel plaque to a Corian backing and you have a lovely framed memorial perfect for your loved one that is maintenance free!

You can also add a stake so it can be freestanding!


The Sign Maker Memorials 

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Memorial Cross


Our Wooden Memorial crosses can be made in different woods – Iroko, Opepe or Sapele. The Oak and Sapele are then normally finished using our long-lasting satin varnish, Iroko and Opepe with Danish Oil. We can also supply with a square end instead of a stake for wall mounting.


The lettering can be engraved directly into the wood.


Alternatively, you can mount an engraved plaque on the cross.


We make our wooden crosses in six sizes.

Small Memorial Cross– 355mm high, 200mm wide, timber width – 40mm

Medium Memorial Cross– 460mm high, 225mm wide, timber width – 50mm

Large Memorial Cross– 575mm high, 300mm wide, timber width – 60mm

Extra Large Memorial Cross– 950mm high, 440mm wide, timber width – 85mm

Extra Extra Large Memorial Cross– 1050mm high, 440mm wide, timber width – 85mm

Mega Memorial Cross– 960mm high, 520 wide, timber width – 140mm



As always we have a huge range or fonts and images to chose from to give your memorial that perfect personal touch.

Finding the right words for a memorial plaque can be difficult, so we have also put together a page of Memorial Inscriptions.


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Heart Shaped Memorials

Heart Shaped Granite Memorial
Heart Shaped Granite Memorial- Available in black granite or celtic grey granite. Lettering is carved into the granite.

We offer many different materials for our Heart shaped Memorials.
There are a number of standard sizes for your memorial but as always, we can make them just the way you want them. They can all be made with fixing holes and metal stakes can also be attached.



corian love heart


Heart Shaped Corian Memorials
This memorial is Frostproof, UV resistant and maintenance free!



Heart shaped Wooden Memorials

Heart shaped Wooden Memorials

With our Heart shaped Wooden Memorials the wording and images are engraved into the wood using our latest laser technology. These are great for Woodland Burials.


Heart shaped Cast Bronze Memorials and Heart shaped Cast Aluminium

Heart shaped Cast Bronze Memorials

Heart shaped Cast Bronze Memorials

Heart shaped Cast Aluminium

Heart shaped Cast Aluminium









Cast Bronze and Aluminium Memorials can be mounted on stakes or mounted on walls. The background can be a variety of colours.







Engraved Acrylic Laminate


Maintenance free Memorial Plaque, House Sign or Information Signs


Acrylic Laminate is designed for exterior Signage so will be long lasting if used indoors or outside.

It is not an expensive sign choice, low maintenance and it can be used for many purposes; House Signs, Informational Signage and Memorial Plaques.

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There are a variety of colourways – the lettering being engraved through the top layer to show a different colour beneath.


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Cast Bronze Memorial Plaques

Cast Bronze Memorial Mounted on Black Granite Wedge
Cast Bronze Memorial Mounted on Black Granite Wedge


Our Cast Bronze memorial plaques are traditionally made in a foundry. These memorials are handmade by true craftsmen – each one is absolutely unique. We can include your own fonts and images if required.

Bronze memorials are very long lasting and require very little maintenance.

We can also mount them on crosses or stakes so they are freestanding.

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Granite Memorial Slab


This is our Silver Grey Granite memorial wedge with sandblasted border and gold lettering.

We have two colours available for our granite wedges.

Need the Memorial Wedge for your burial site to be a little taller, bigger or smaller? No problem, we offer many shapes and sizes.

The Sign Maker – We make memorials the way you want them



Best Buy from The Sign Maker

Why chose The Sign Maker for your sign?


When using The Sign Maker you can chose from thousands of fonts

The Sign Maker has loads of materials to chose from

We also have our own in house designers who can enable you to use your own image, so your sign is totally unique!

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