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Number Signs & Door numbers


At The Sign Maker we have lots of House Number Signs and Door Numbers to suit all house styles and budgets.


These house numbers are not off the shelf. Each one is made to order in your chosen font, with or without borders, decorative motifs and holes and to your required size. With so much choice here’s a few photos to help you!


Order yours today!






Commercial Signage

The Sign Maker offers every type of Business sign you require.


Does your Business need a; Aboard, Hanging or Projecting Commercial or Business Sign, Fingerpost, Wheelcover or even a Health and Safety Sign?

Get in touch for your quote today!


One of the most important visual elements you should consider, following your branding design, is creating an attractive sign for your business.  Business Signs are also used to draw attention to promotions and to convey information. An exterior sign is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, its exposure is prominent and continuous!


What are Commercial signs good for?

They are; 24/7 Marketing,  Eye-catching, Brand Awareness, Informative, Remembering and A Reflection on Quality of service.


There are so many different options of Materials for Business signs. You have; Wooden (Painted or jut Treated,) Stone,  Solid Aluminium (with or without posts,) Fibreglass, Vinyl (like magnetic,) Glass Effect and many more!


Contact us or visit our Website to see what Signage we can offer you!


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Wall mounted Business Sign


Wall mounted projecting Signs can be beautiful eye catchers if you chose the right bracket!


The Sign Maker offers high-quality Galvanised and powder coated Brackets with stainless steel fittings. The Signs are made from various durable materials which can be printed on full colour or cut vinyl can be applied.


We have a huge selection of brackets and panels can be included. Below is our ID range;

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The Sign Maker also offers an RS range which consists of brackets and different shape and sized panels to mix and match;

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The Sign Maker offers many more brackets and you can find them here. We can also offer brackets with lighting units of various designs.

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If you need help with your wall mounted Business sign with or without lights just contact us!

Slate Signs


This Slate Sign has been made using two colours. We used a drop shadow effect to make your House sign really stand out and even look 3D!

We use natural slate with a smooth, but not highly polished surface. This shows the markings and grain of the slate – each piece is different.



Look at the markings on this one – Beautiful!

The slate is cut onsite to any size you require. We can also polish both sides for double-sided slate signs. We can even get creative with your own image!


To order our 3D effect Slate Sign just the link below and in the font box put “Drop Shadow effect.” You can also download your own image when ordering online!

Order your Slate House Sign today

Entrance & Farm Signs

Need a new Entrance sign? A House or Farm sign on posts?

These Wooden signs are perfect for your home. They are durable and beautiful! We can shape wood however you desire but arch top shaping is the most popular.

We even produce standard size house signs and entrance signs on posts to make them more affordable! Do have a look and if we can help you at all just ask.


If you would like to design your own sign just use our tool to get in touch.

Alternatively, you can contact us.


Maintenance free Memorials


Corian is a modern material with a cold stone like finish. Stainless Steel is a brushed silver metal.


Corian is perfect for memorial plaques in that it is very durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. It comes in a variety of colours.

Stainless Steel plaques have a major advantage – the lettering can be smaller and the images and logos can also be far more detailed. Even good quality photos can be used.


Add a Stainless Steel plaque to a Corian backing and you have a lovely framed memorial perfect for your loved one that is maintenance free!

You can also add a stake so it can be freestanding!


The Sign Maker Memorials 

Contact us if you need help with your Memorial

‘See first’ Option on Facebook explained


Facebook is changing its algorithm to increase meaningful interactions between people you care about over content from pages.


This is great! Our newsfeed will not be full of those selling page’s rubbish! However, this will also include all of your liked and local Businesses! We need your support, so I am going to quickly show you how to continue to support your local businesses so they do not get lost in your newsfeed following facebooks recent update.

To see our video, go to our  Youtube channel!



Wooden sign beveled finish

Just look at this Oak Sign with our new scalloped edge finish!

We have added a new finish to our wooden signs, this scalloped edge is perfect for any large Wooden Business signs or Farm Estate signs.

We finish all of our wooden signs as standard with rounded edges. But now you can add this finish to the options we offer to personalise your sign!

Other finishes we offer;


Standard finish – rounded edges

wooden signs


Backing board finish



45-degree finish

wooden sign with plaque


Order online for reliable and knowledgeable service.
The Sign Maker – We design it how you want it

Personalised Wheel covers


Fantastic full colour printed wheel covers. We can print virtually anything whether it’s beloved pets photos or business logos.

If you have print ready artwork then no extra cost will be charged, however, if you have a combination of images that you want to be combined or perhaps want an image editing them please let us know it the notes box as we have expert designers who will be able to work with your artwork.

Choose from a wide range of fonts with lots of letter colour choices. Images can also be included.

Just look at this Semi rigid wheel cover with Smiley face print!



Order yours today-×4-spare-wheel-covers—custom-design-130-p.asp

Christmas Early bird discount!


As much as some of us might like to bury our heads, Christmas is coming!

We decided this year to try and get peoples attention before it is too late to order your House Sign or Wheel Cover or Engraved gift for Christmas.

We are offering an Early Bird Christmas discount for all orders ordered before the 17th of November. It is a massive 15% discount!

Use discount code EARLY-BIRD on the shopping cart or quote it over the phone.

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Includes our whole range- Wooden House Signs, Rustic House Signs, Stone House Signs, Wheelcovers and Engraved gifts!