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Christmas Early bird discount!


As much as some of us might like to bury our heads, Christmas is coming!

We decided this year to try and get peoples attention before it is too late to order your House Sign or Wheel Cover or Engraved gift for Christmas.

We are offering an Early Bird Christmas discount for all orders ordered before the 17th of November. It is a massive 15% discount!

Use discount code EARLY-BIRD on the shopping cart or quote it over the phone.

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Includes our whole range- Wooden House Signs, Rustic House Signs, Stone House Signs, Wheelcovers and Engraved gifts!


Engraved Metal Signs

There are so many Engraved Metal Signs out there! How do you decide what metal and design you want? We can help!

Metal signs

Metal signs where the lettering is etched into the sign.


Things you need to be aware of;
Maintenance free– Does the Sign stay as bought when left in the weather or does it need to be polished or oiled?

Quality – The materials used are some of the best qualities you can get?

Traditional – This sign fit within an older setting, for example, a church

Modern – This sign fit within a modern setting e.g Architects office

Durability – This Metal Sign last for many years if you look after it

Cost-effective – The Signs are not the most expensive option


Are you ready, here goes…


Traditional Engraved Brass Signs We use top quality engravers brass 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm thick. Brass is polished and the letters are engraved into the Brass and then painted.

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images Traditional     images Quality    Red-Cross-Mark-Download-PNGMaintenance free    imagesDurable     imagesCost effective


Engraved Stainless Steel Signs – We use the best quality Steel for our Signs. The metal can either be polished or matt. Polished Signs require maintenance. The letters are engraved into the Steel and then painted.

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imagesModern      imagesQuality     imagesMaintenance free (If Matt)    imagesDurable


Engraved Silver Anodised Aluminium – The more cost-effective option compared to Stainless Steel. The finish is always Matt.

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imagesModern     imagesQuality     imagesMaintenance free    imagesDurable    imagesCost effective


Engraved Coloured Aluminium – The letters are engraved through the surface to show the silver / white surface beneath.

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imagesModern     imagesQuality     imagesMaintenance free    imagesDurable    imagesCost effective


If you need any help just call us on 01769 561355 or email us and we will be happy to help! You could also use our Design your sign form. 

Th Sign Makers Improvements

If you like our entrance sign, contact us for your quote! The Sign Maker – Contact us

Here at The Sign Maker we have a brand new private entrance and Sign!


All Sign Maker traffic now goes round to the barn. No more playing dodgems with speedy couriers!

Just look at those before and after photos!


Purbeck Stone is Quarried in the UK.

Purbeck stone is a very durable and hard wearing stone quarried in Dorset. It has long been used in churches and cathedrals. It was formed in the Jurassic/ Cretaceous era. Each bed of Purbeck stone varies in colour and has its own range of fossils within it.

Purbeck Stone House Signs

Business Signs – Fibreglass

Fibreglass signs are maintenance free and durable.
Perfect for Business signs!

Fibreglass can be hung on a bracket, mounted on posts or screwed to a wall to advertise your Business.

Contact us today to get your quote for your bespoke, maintenance free Fibre glass Business sign.

Best Buy from The Sign Maker

Why chose The Sign Maker for your sign?


When using The Sign Maker you can chose from thousands of fonts

The Sign Maker has loads of materials to chose from

We also have our own in house designers who can enable you to use your own image, so your sign is totally unique!

Contact us today and let us design your own unique sign!


Steel Post with bracket

Maintenance free Post and Bracket

Need a sign on a post that is totally maintenance free?

Just look at our Steel post with bracket. Looks beautiful and once in and you don’t have to worry about oiling the post like you would a wooden one!

If you don’t need a post but would like a Bracket we can help to!

Remember Here at The Sign Maker

We make Bespoke signs just the way you want them!

Personalized Valentines Day Present

If you haven’t yet thought of a Valentines day present, have no fear, The Sign Maker is here!

bird-tea-lightsPersonalised Wooden tea light £19.95                                               Contact us at The Sign Maker


We have created our very own rustic bird tea light which we think is a beautiful gift for any lucky partner. At just £19.95 including names, you just can’t go wrong!


heart-chopping-boardPersonalised Gifts

If that doesn’t take your fancy why not the gorgeous heart shaped chopping board including Love note at just £19.95!


heart corian.jpgCorian heart

If you want to get something extra special we would recommend our Heart shaped Corian plaque 7×9″. It can even be used for external use! This can have engraved any poem or you can just copy ours! Exclusively for Valentines day £80!


What are you waiting for? Contact us!