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We need your opinion!

It is always our aim to craft top quality signs for our customers. We are proud of our signs and our memorials. My question to you is how do we describe them. Which of the following do you think best illustrates what we do: Top Quality Signs, High Quality Signs, Top Notch Signs, First Class Signs, Superb Signs, Superior Signs or The Very Best Signs and Memorials. Your opinion would be much appreciated.


One Response to “We need your opinion!”

  1. Norrie Walker

    ‘Peerless’, ‘Superlative’, ‘Supreme’, ‘Exceptional’, ‘Five Star’, ‘Crafted’,
    ‘Top Notch Signs’ is very catchy! (I’m addicted to puns).

    Could I be cheeky and ask your advice please? I have renovated 2 off 4ft x 8″ name boards for my old boat. Both skimmed and engraved in ‘Seven Swordsman font’. I wanted gold colour for the lettering but it doesn’t show up very well against the darkish teak. Would painting a base coat of white followed by gold correct this? Even using black as the lettering colour doesn’t seem to make the name stand out. Is white the only option. I’d value your opinion! Thanks.


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