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Memorial Plaque

From: <chuckie932@
Date: 18 July 2014 02:53
Subject: Re: Order Ref: 1407.SE.029 Consignment Number PF IM8255721
To: The Sign Maker <>

Received item on 17.7.14. as agreed

It is beautiful. Perfect in every way. Thank you all so much. Each team member involved did a good job.

Many, many thanks to you all. This item will stand to keep my mum’s memory alive for many years to come.

Kind regards & God bless

Deniece Brooks *:) happy *:-h wave

Full Wrap Fibreglass Signs

A solid letter colour signs will always out-live the full colour printed signage. However if you want lots of colours and detailed images, printing is the only option.. The full wrap colour print, as shown below, is where the whole sign, including the edges is wrapped in special printed vinyl. An advantage of a full wrap sign, apart from looking amazing, is that the wrap can be removed in the future and the board re-wrapped