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Shaped Wooden Signs

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Shaped wooden house signs and business signs are unique and beautiful!


We can make wood any size or shape. With our dedicated Carpenter and his apprentice in tow, nothing is impossible!

The most popular shape for Wooden House Signs is Oval and Round.
Heart shaped wood is used more for memorials or personal house signs like shed signs.


Archtop and other shaped wooden Signs tend to be used for Entrance signs to Farms or Businesses. Some of our entrance sign customers ask for a beautiful curved wooden support. We think this looks lovely!


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Engraved Corian Business sign, Memorials, Commemorative plaques and House signs

Slate Corian House Sign

Slate Corian House Sign- Raised Corian letters, painted image

Weather Proof            Fade Proof          Hard Wearing          Cost Effective


Corian is a mixture of clear acrylic resin, natural minerals and pigments. The mineral content retains some of the properties of real stone such as the cold feel, matt finish and substantial weight. Unlike stone, Corian is totally consistent with no variation in composition, fault lines or cracks throughout its features.


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It also can be cut to most simple Corian shapes for house or Business Signs and can be used where small text or detailed images are required. We engrave the lettering into the Corian and then paint them for a long lasting durable House Sign.

Two-tone Corian Signs– They are made using two pieces of Corian. The wording is engraved in the 6mm Corian which is then inset into a 12mm Corian black-plate.


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With Corian you can make beautiful free standing Entrance signs for House or Business Signs. These superior entrance signs are beautifully crafted. The posts and the inner panel are solid oak. These can be left looking like natural oak by treating with a tough satin finish varnish. Alternatively, they can be painted.A recess can be carved into the oak so that the Corian plaque can be neatly inserted into it.
You can also Hang Corian on a Post and Arm or on a Bracket.
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The Deilephila elpenor!

The Deilephila elpenor is more commonly known as the Elephant Hawk moth, and here at The Sign Maker we found a caterpillar of the Elephant Hawk Moth a few weeks back and we couldn’t help but share it with you.


They are called the Elephant hawk moth as many say they look like the trunk of an elephant when they are still a caterpillar, in my opinion I think they look a bit like a snake! The elephant hawk moths turn into a beautiful red and green moth as shown in the photos below and they fly between June and September.



The Elephant hawk moth are very common within the UK, but even so are a very beautiful creature to find in your garden.

For more information on the Elephant hawk moths make sure you check out the Wildlife Insight website by following the link below:

Engraved Metal Signs

There are so many Engraved Metal Signs out there! How do you decide what metal and design you want? We can help!

Metal signs

Metal signs where the lettering is etched into the sign.


Things you need to be aware of;
Maintenance free– Does the Sign stay as bought when left in the weather or does it need to be polished or oiled?

Quality – The materials used are some of the best qualities you can get?

Traditional – This sign fit within an older setting, for example, a church

Modern – This sign fit within a modern setting e.g Architects office

Durability – This Metal Sign last for many years if you look after it

Cost-effective – The Signs are not the most expensive option


Are you ready, here goes…


Traditional Engraved Brass Signs We use top quality engravers brass 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm thick. Brass is polished and the letters are engraved into the Brass and then painted.

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images Traditional     images Quality    Red-Cross-Mark-Download-PNGMaintenance free    imagesDurable     imagesCost effective


Engraved Stainless Steel Signs – We use the best quality Steel for our Signs. The metal can either be polished or matt. Polished Signs require maintenance. The letters are engraved into the Steel and then painted.

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imagesModern      imagesQuality     imagesMaintenance free (If Matt)    imagesDurable


Engraved Silver Anodised Aluminium – The more cost-effective option compared to Stainless Steel. The finish is always Matt.

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imagesModern     imagesQuality     imagesMaintenance free    imagesDurable    imagesCost effective


Engraved Coloured Aluminium – The letters are engraved through the surface to show the silver / white surface beneath.

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imagesModern     imagesQuality     imagesMaintenance free    imagesDurable    imagesCost effective


If you need any help just call us on 01769 561355 or email us and we will be happy to help! You could also use our Design your sign form. 

Chicken Update

Well, where has the time gone! Here at The Sign Maker there has been so many things happening that we have forgot to update you on the progress of our wonderful chickens!

Since we last introduced you to them they have been out and roaming the orchard, it was a wonderful experience to let them out of their pen and let them experience more space then they have ever had access to before. Its safe to say they loved it. Now every morning they are let out and then in the evening they are called back into their pen to be shut away for safety. I would like to point out here that it was not quite as easy the first few times we tried to get them back in as this previous sentence may have implied. It may have involved a fair bit of us running around after chickens, I will leave that image with you for your amusement (your welcome). However, thanks to the giving of scraps our chickens have learnt that the big white bucket means yummy food and now all come running to their pen, far more sophisticated.


Not only have we noticed a massive improvement in their personalities, as they have gone from being shy creatures to friendly and inquisitive. But their physical condition has improved greatly, their feathers have begun to grow back and the colour of the yolks in their eggs have gone from a very ill pale to a bright yellow, nearly orange. So not only do we have happier chickens but we also have some very tasty eggs, a good win win all round.

Engraved Acrylic Laminate


Maintenance free Memorial Plaque, House Sign or Information Signs


Acrylic Laminate is designed for exterior Signage so will be long lasting if used indoors or outside.

It is not an expensive sign choice, low maintenance and it can be used for many purposes; House Signs, Informational Signage and Memorial Plaques.

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There are a variety of colourways – the lettering being engraved through the top layer to show a different colour beneath.


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Rustic Slate House Names


Slate is a fantastic material for a house sign. Rustic Slate is a thinner Slate at 6-8mm thick so easier to mount.

These rustic edge slate house signs are excellent value for money. They are made with a rough edge finish. The letters are carved into the slate by sand blasting and then painted with a very tough and durable external paint.


The softer colours such as Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone or Lichen look very effective on this type of slate house sign.


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Cast hand painted House Signs


Hand Painted Cast Metal House Sign

Traditional Cast House Signs Polyurethane (Cast Signs) are also ideal for street signs and entrance signs. Being one of the toughest and most abrasion resistant materials around.

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The raised cast images can be created from customer artwork and include complex designs such as crests and coats of arm. These are then all painted by hand.

Cast Sign Shapes we can offer;

Oval     Rectangular and Square     Arch Top      Domed      Numbers

Polyurethane is practically inert towards the environment and contains no atmosphere damaging chlorofluorocarbons.

Order your Cast hand painted Sign today!

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Personalised Wooden Signs


Need a Wooden Business Sign with a personal touch? Want to use your own image? Not a problem with us here at The Sign Maker.

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We can offer any image engraved into wood due to having a dedicated designer who can create your perfect plaque or sign just the way you want it.



Don’t have your own image and want to see our range of images?

Need to speak to someone regarding design?


The Sign Maker – Signs designed just the way you want them