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More Trees being Planted

We have just been planting more trees around the wildlife ponds – another 50 to be exact!

They include Alder, Lime, Wild Cherry, Aspen, Crab Apples and Silver Birch. They have all been chosen for the bees and other insects along with the birds.

Can’t wait until next spring to see them all come into leaf.



Customer review – Rustic Slate House Sign



Hello Sign Makers,

I thought I would you know that my Son Rae slate house sign has arrived safely and I am absolutely thrilled with it.
It is a house-warming gift for a very close friend who lost her son almost 2 years ago, hence son being in the name. Rae is the middle name of his 2-year-old daughter and there’s a sun-ray on the gable of my friend’s new home, making it a poignant play on words by her. By sheer coincidence, the sign has arrived on what would have been her son’s 44th birthday, so it has made it extra special.
Thank you once again, I know she will love it.
Best wishes

If you need a Rustic Slate house sign click here

Wooden Oak Beach Sign

Wooden Oak Beach Sign with rope font

Wooden Oak Beach Sign with rope font

Here at The Sign Maker, we offer a huge variety of fonts. This one is just beautiful and fits a beach theme perfectly! We have the best designers who will help you find that perfect design for your Sign, whatever you need it for.

Oak is a heavy wood and is also strong and durable. If maintained well, it will last a lifetime. Oak is a very traditional wood with a beauty all of its own. With great texture and colour makes a perfect choice for any house sign.

We do offer other hardwoods and they all have their own unique look.

Limestone Review

Thank you for the two house signs which arrived safely today. 

The stone is beautiful and so in keeping with the limestone of our village.  We can’t wait to put them up. 

Many thanks for your care throughout the process. 




If you would like to have a look at our Limestone signs just click here.

Horse Nameplates and Stable Signs

fb stable

Horse Nameplates and Stable Signs

Every horse deserves a personalised named stable to call their own!


Get your Wooden horse nameplate for traditional stables. Oak is a traditional wood. Iroko is a naturally oily wood so need less maintenance and Sapele has a variable reddish brown colour to it.


Why not a Black Anodised Aluminium for durability.



Or an Acrylic Laminate horse nameplate and chose from a huge range of colours!



Alternatively get a Corian one as it is maintenance free and comes in many colours!


We also offer horseshoe Cast Metal nameplates.

cast stable nameplate


We have a sale throughout the weekend from the 2nd December on all of our stable nameplates and wheel covers. Just use code 5offmygift on our shopping cart or over the phone – 01769 561355.

Painted Entrance Signs


Wooden entrance signs are ideal for the end of your drive. As always we have lots of choices.

Firstly you can choose between a natural wood with painted carved letters. The Oak will be treated with a satin varnish and you just need to keep an eye on it. Once it looks like it is discolouring you need to sand it down and retreat (normally in a couple of years)!


Or you can choose a painted entrance sign in a lovely range of colours. We use a two-component polyurethane paint which is much more durable than standard brush on paints. It is not only much tougher and longer lasting but is also more resilient to chemicals.


There are also four types of post top to choose from.

Most of our painted signs are made of oak but there are different post options. Oak is the heaviest and longest lasting but you can see the grain under the paint if you have it painted, Idigbo is a lighter weight moderately durable hardwood. Softwood is considerably cheaper.

Standard sizes are list below but we can quote for other sizes.

prices for wooden single sided entrance signs

Prices for wooden single sided entrance signs

Contact us if you would like a quote or order online.

Personalised Blackboards and Whiteboards

whiteboard and black board
Blackboard or Whiteboard Gifts

Need a family organiser? We just love this idea we found on Pinterest (left image). We can apply permanent vinyl for the grid layout and days of the week and then leave the rest to you!


Or you can personalise your whiteboard or blackboard with either a laser engraved message on the frame or we can apply vinyl lettering to the board.


The blackboards and whiteboards made on aluminium composite can be left outside all the time. You will just need to re-oil the oak every few months.   The blackboards made using moisture resistant MDF can withstand the odd shower but should not be left outdoors permanently.


The following dry-wipe pens have been tested and do not leave leaving any trace of ink on the surface when cleaned. -Staedlter, Pilot, Nobo, 5 star office and Universal Office Supplies range.


Email us today for your quote –

Stone House Signs – Introducing Granite


Black Granite

Granite House Signs are maintenance free and durable in frost and heat. The lettering is engraved or sandblasted into the stone and then we paint the letters. You can choose your letter style from hundreds of fonts. The letter colour does not have to be white, we have a big range of colours.

Dark Grey Granite House Sign

Dark Grey Granite

Granite is a fine coarse-grained crystalline igneous rock with so many different colour formations! All our granite signs have a polished finish and are approx 10 or 15mm thick.  We do offer 20mm 30mm and 50mm thicknesses also in Kerala Green, Classic Dark Grey, Black, Celtic and Bahama Blue.

The black, Celtic grey, classic dark grey, Kerula Green and Bahama Blue granites can be cut to sizes up to 600mm x 400mm. The rest in sizes up to 295mm x 600mm.



We can include images on our House signs. Choose bold images – it is not possible to sand-blast very fine lines. People often opt for a Decorative Border or Decorative Corners

We also a range of Granite Boulders- Click Here


If after reading this you know the colour and decoration you want on your sign,

Click here to order!

Cast Zinc House Signs


These metal house signs and door nameplates are made from zinc plate, which is strong, tough and does not rust or tarnish. The background is etched away leaving the lettering, numbers, border and images raised.

The background can be painted any colour you want and we can add some extra colour to the images as well. Your image could be a military badge, football team emblem, favourite animal.

Most simple images can be used but they are best without tones or shading. Line drawings can also be used. You can use also most of the fonts – just avoid those with very fine lines.

Hanging House or Business Signs


This Hanging House Sign is made out of painted framed Accoya and Tricoya. Both long lasting and durable.

The inner panel of the house sign is made from Tricoya board. This is a wood-based board made using a high-performance resin. The outer frame and inner panel are spray painted using is a two-component polyurethane paint which is much more durable than standard brush-on paints. It is not only much tougher and longer lasting but is also more resilient to chemicals.

Add an image or chose a unique font. The possibilities are endless!

Order yours now and don’t forget to add a bracket or post if you need one!

We offer a huge range of brackets for your hanging / freestanding sign.

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